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Every body have urine since baby and every time certainly produce urine. How does urine forming process of urine have long step, it from blood up to be an urine, very wonderful! How is the blood changed became urine ? All of need some procces. Forming process of urine are filtration, reabsorbsion, and augmentation.
Firstly into kidney, Filtration is process which happened in glomerulus. Blood into glomerulus contain salt,sugar,urea based fertilizer and another substance to experience filtration to return. From filtration product occurred filtration glomerulus or primer urine filtration product occure filtration glomerolus or primer urine Filtration process coused by suspense this blod and influenced by furrowing and development.
Primer urine contain amino, water salt, glukosa and urea based fertilizer. Primer urine flow to make for tubulus contortus proksimal, into this tubulus this substance which still needed body to penetrate back by blod.Formade sekunder urine. And then, to make for Henle curve there are water, urea based fertilizer salt, Na, and K. This process reabsorbsion.
Sekunder urine entered to tubulus contortus distal happened augmentation. Augmentation is increased colour substance. There are 96% water, 2% urea based fertilizer 2% color substance, in this process is occurred really urine. Pure urine collected in this process is occurred really pelvis renalis and continued to vesica urinaria to past ureter. Protein perfect filtrased, so into urine there is no protein, glukosa. Acount urea based fertilizer into blod plasma to mount into tubulus kontortil proksimal and will ascend which fast into tubula kontortil distal, because filtration water to return. Continued to bladder and the last uretra. And than, we can loose urine.
If too little hormone antidjuretika, than account urine can ascenct 2-30. This condition is called diabetes insipidus. If there are protein and glukosa in urine to indicate disturbance of kidney. This condition is called albuminaria. Diabetes mellitus to came in is it sugar into urine. Mostly which coused by braken urine.

Question of Expalanation Text about “URINE FORMING PROCESS ”

1.  What the stages urine forming process ?
a.    Augmentation Þ Filtration Þ Reabsorbsion
b.   Filtration Þ Reabsorbsion Þ Augmentation
c.    Reabsorbsion Þ Augmentation Þ  Filtration
d.   Filtration Þ Augmentation  Þ Reabsorbsion
e.    Augmentation  Þ Reabsorbsion Þ  Filtration

2.  Where is happened filtration process ?
a.    Broncus
b.   Trachea
c.    Diapragm
d.   Tubulus Contortus Proksimal
e.    Glomerulus

3.  Where is happened augmentation process ?
a.    Broncus
b.   Trachea
c.    Tubulus Contortus Proksimal
d.   Tubulus Contortus Distal
e.    Glomerulus

4.  What is contain in the Primer Urine ?
Amino, Water salt, Glukosa and Urea
b. Natrium, Water salt, Glukosa and Urea
c. Natrium, Water salt, Sodium and Urea
d. Amino, Iodine, Glukosa and Urea
e. Amino, Iodine, Sodium and Urea

5.  What happens if the sugar into the urine ?
a.  Albuminaria
b.  Diabetes Insipidus
c.  Diabetes Mellitus
d.  Hidronefosis

e.  Nefritis

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